Italian showjumping rider Lorenzo De Luca tells us why he loves Royal Rider stirrups

Lorenzo De Luca is currently ranked 19th in the world, and 11th in the FEI Jumping World Cup standings. “In terms of stirrups, I use a range from the Italian brand Royal Rider, including the Royal Rider T3, which has an offset shape, allowing the foot to free itself quickly in the event of a fall. The entire Royal Rider range is designed with the rider in mind, for optimum performance and with good safety features,” he says.

Lorenzo de luca likes the Royal Rider T3 stirrup, which has an offset shape, allowing the foot to free itself quickly in the event of a fall. Photo by Massimo Argenziano“The T3 is a safety stirrup, but really does enhance rider positioning and balance too. It is key when you’re jumping higher fences that you are perfectly balanced, whatever stride the horse is on. I personally ride with a slightly longer stirrup length than some riders, and it works well for me and my height. I like to be able to get my bodyweight over the wither to allow perfect balance when jumping, and a highly engineered stirrup like Royal Rider allows me to keep the ideal lower leg position.

Adjustability in the canter

We asked Lorenzo for his top tip, in terms of moving a horse up the showjumping levels, and he says having adjustability in the canter is key.You need to be able to move the horse around in the canter, and have some adjustability of pace.”

“For example you need to be able to take a slower, more collected canter, and then release the energy when a surge of power is needed, without losing the balance from the hindquarters,” he explains. “It should feel as the rider as if you have sufficient, ‘contained’ power at your disposal. Your aids and body movements help the horse set up for the fence, whatever the height.”

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Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride at Carolina Horse ***
Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride explains why she loves the Royal Rider T3 stirrup

Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride is an American eventer, producer, trainer and eventing judge. She events under the Blue Clover Eventing banner.

We asked her for her top tips regarding stirrups:

Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride at Carolina Horse ***

Nowadays, the range of stirrups available on the market varies hugely.

It’s no longer a simple choice between your traditional stainless steel stirrup iron or a safety iron; now you can get all types, sizes and colours, with many highly engineered versions that aid position and balance,” she says.

“If safety is important to you, perhaps if you have a green horse, or you want something with a quick release design to allow your foot to freely release from the stirrup, you could consider the RR T3 stirrup from Royal Rider.”

(Above – Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride at the Carolina International CCI and Horse Trials.)

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