Are you looking for ways to improve your jumping position and performance?

If you’re a jumping enthusiast, then you will no doubt know the importance of selecting the right stirrups for the job!

Since 1998, Royal Rider’s commitment has been to design unique, elegant, technical and technological stirrups that out-perform their competition, in all riding disciplines. We were the first to introduce technical materials used in the automotive and motorcycle sectors to design brackets that could support the athletic movements of the rider, over jumps, in flatwork, in gallop, and also in endurance and polo. Our stirrups encapsulate passion, joy, emotion and beauty.


Can your stirrups enhance your riding performance?

But can your stirrups actually enhance your riding performance? We believe the answer is, yes. A highly engineered stirrup like those made by Royal Rider helps aid rider balance; when jumping, it helps the rider keep their stirrup iron on the approach, take off, jump, landing and get-away; and of course, cleverly-designed stirrups such as the RR T3 (pictured far below), combine ergonomics and resistance, allowing the rider to maintain the correct position of their foot, and achieve greater balance over a fence.

(Also, in the event of a fall, the particular shape of the T3 allows the rider’s foot to free itself quickly.)

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Spoga Horse 2018

Royal Rider Stirrups Italy sarà presente all’ International Trade Fair for Equestrian Sports che si terrà presso la fiera di Colonia dal 02 al 04 Settembre 2018.

Venite a trovarci presso il nostro Stand numero 016, nella Hall 11.2. Lo Staff di Royal Rider Italy sarà a vostra disposizione per presentarvi la nostra collezione di Staffe professionali ed Accessori per l’equitazione.

Royal Rider Italy, Horse Passion & Profession.