Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride at Carolina Horse ***
Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride explains why she loves the Royal Rider T3 stirrup

Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride is an American eventer, producer, trainer and eventing judge. She events under the Blue Clover Eventing banner.

We asked her for her top tips regarding stirrups:

Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride at Carolina Horse ***

Nowadays, the range of stirrups available on the market varies hugely.

It’s no longer a simple choice between your traditional stainless steel stirrup iron or a safety iron; now you can get all types, sizes and colours, with many highly engineered versions that aid position and balance,” she says.

“If safety is important to you, perhaps if you have a green horse, or you want something with a quick release design to allow your foot to freely release from the stirrup, you could consider the RR T3 stirrup from Royal Rider.”

(Above – Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride at the Carolina International CCI and Horse Trials.)

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Meet Zoe Lia – brand ambassador for Royal Rider Stirrups, and one of Italy’s brightest showjumping stars

Zoe Lia is a thirteen year old showjumper (14 in summer 2019), and is one of Italy’s highest ranking pony riders.

Perfect ponies

Zoe Lia's Carrie CM, a Swedish 9 y.o
Zoe Lia’s Carrie CM, a Swedish 9 y.o. #royalriderstirrups

Lia’s top ponies are both mares; the bay Carrie CM is a Swedish 9 y.o (left).

“She is very careful and very easy to ride; still young and learning, we believe that by the end of this season, she will be also able to jump 1.30,” Zoe adds.

“Her striking feature is a big white C (for Carrie) on her face!”

The striking grey Attyrory Bye Bye Love, is an Irish 11 y.o (below). “She has huge strength and impressive technique and body control,” Zoe explains. “We have even jumped clear at several 1.30. classes. We call her the pink pony, because under her white hair her skin is pink, and when she is wet, she really seems pink!”

Despite her amazing success, nobody in Zoe’s family was into horses at all.

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